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This is the home page of the communication portal of the newly formed developing Rogue Community of the ManKind Project USA Northwest Area.

We call it The Meeting of the Rogues!

We’re glad you found us!

This site is a virtual meeting place where we can share news, articles, resources, tutorials, and even full courses that benefit the Greater Rogue Community.

Requirements to Be a Member

It is only your desire to be one that is required. You may live anywhere close enough to attend one of our four I-Groups on a regular basis. And you get to decide what’s right for you.

Our Website is Now Responsive

In case you are not familiar with this term in this context, responsive means this site will now automatically detect the size of browser window you are using. It then responds by sizing and arranging its visual screen elements for optimal viewing on your device.

It works great on a smart phone or a tablet of any size. And of course it works super on a larger screen too.

Give it a try. If you are viewing this on a full size computer screen, or a larger tablet, make your browser window smaller and watch how it automatically adjusts itself. Pretty cool, eh?

If the menu bar seems to disappear when your browser window gets really small, just read the section below Using the Menu Bar and you’ll see what to do.

How About A Quick Tour?

Using the Menu Bar

The menu bar is the blue bar across the top and the bottom of each page. If you are viewing this page from a desktop computer the menu bar has the following nine selections on it: Welcome!, Blog, Groups, Contact Us, Log in, NWTA Sign up, Apply to Staff, Members Only, and About.

If you are viewing the site on a smart phone, then your menu bar looks something like this:


It will vary from one smart phone to another. You may see one menu choice as you do in the picture, Welcome!, or something different.  But you will see something like the little hash box I’m pointing out with the red arrow here.

That little box is for you to touch to get the other menu options.

A Quick Overview of the Menu Choices


This page. You can select this menu option when you are on a different page and you want to get back here to this one.


Blog is the choice you would select to create and respond to various discussion topics that develop as our community grows.  Depending on the levels of blogging experience our community has, we will either develop some tutorials to help members learn how to do this, or we will allow it grow organically.


If you select this menu option, you will see that a sub-menu drops down. On it you will find: Applegate, Grants Pass, Rogue River, and Williams. These are for you to select blog entries that are tagged for these individual I-Groups.

Contact Us

If you select this menu choice you will be sent to a standard contact form where you will be able to send in a question or request without having to be signed in to the website. This would be ideal for someone who want to request log in credentials and does not know how else to make his request known.

Log in

You can select Log in to, well, log in to the system. You of course need to have log in credentials first. And before you ask, no the other log in credentials will not work here. ThisLogin system is completely independent of both MKPConnect.org and the MKP NW Area websites.

I would love them to be connected, but that is not possible in the current MKP structure. Enough said.

When you click on Log in you will get the form shown to the right. If you remember your username and password, just type them in and click on Log in (there are two acceptable ways to spell it).

If you’ve forgotten your password, just click on Lost your password? I’ve got it circled in red.

When you click on that link you will be given an opportunity to enter your email address and submit it. Then the system will reset your password to something else and it will sent it to you to your email address.

It’s all automatic and quick too!

NWTA Sign up

This menu choice will get you to a downloadable and printable form that you can print out and give to someone if they want to sign up for a future New Warrior Training Adventure.

Apply to Staff

This is the menu choice if you want the quickest, least hassle way to sign up to Stafff or MOS a future New Warrior Training Adventure. Remember the only requirement to do either is that you have been initiated. That’s it.

If you’ve not done either, they are great fun and a great way to intensify your passion for this men’s work we do.

Members Only

This is the newest menu choice on our website. To get a full idea of what it’s all about, read this blog post: Changes to Our Website. It gives complete detail.

If you are not logged in when you select this menu option and you are a registered user, you may click a link on the page to log in.


This is just a traditional short blurb that gives someone who doesn’t know anything about us something to go on.

But Wait There’s More!


We Have a Moodle

Though our learning center does not appear on the menu bar yet, we are in the process of putting it together.

I have both a Moodle platform and WP Courseware available to use. Both are exceptionally powerful LMS products. An LMS is a Learning Management System.

Since the Members Only section has been implemented we can begin to create courseware for our use.

In case you are not familiar with what a Moodle or WP Courseware is, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

Both are used by colleges and universities around the world to offer high-quality online training to millions of people.

Not to be outdone, we will have both!

Check out the Blog section of this site for updates on the progress of the Moodle and WP Courseware installations and for notification of available courses.

Be sure to let us know what courses you would like see.  Leave a comment below.

This is your web site.  Let us know what you would like to see here and tell what you think. Leave a comment or question below.