Elder’s Annual BBQ

by Jack Shipley

2015 Elder BBQ is Nearly Here!

Monday, July 20, 2015. BBQ fires up at 2:00 pm. Dinner at 6:00 pm

Two Videos of Prior Elder BBQ’s

The Annual Elder’s BBQ

Details . . .

The Annual Elder’s BBQ will be held at my place in the Applegate again this year.  See address and directions below.

Come early to visit, hang out, sleep, hike or swim (bring a towel). Some elders from our newly formed Rogue Community elders group will also be attending the BBQ gathering to introduce themselves.

A number of our Rogue Community Elder’s group will also be attending.

When Is It?

Monday, July 20, 2015. BBQ fires up at 2:00 pm.  Dinner at 6:00 pm.

We will plan on eating around 6:00 pm

What I Will Supply

JacksBBQ5I will provide the salmon, baby back ribs, paper plates, cups, utensils and lemonade.

What You Can Bring

You can bring a side dish, bread, a salad, desert, chips, dips, and other drinks of your choice.

Where Is It Going To Be?

In the Applegate at my home at 1340 Missouri Flat, in Grants Pass.  See directions below.

Topic for the Evening

After dinner we will have a check in and then go into the topic for the evening which will be about sharing our personal responses on one or more of the questions below. Please look over the questions and come prepared to share your personal responses.  I wish to acknowledge Floyd Graves who brought these and many other questions to our May 25, Grants Pass I-Group.


  1. What are the five things in life that you value?
  2. If you were free to do anything you wanted, what would that be?
  3. What is it you need to be truly happy?
  4. How would your life change if you knew your death date?

Join Us! You Won’t Regret It!

Click here for a Google Map

Directions from Ashland and Medford:

  1. Take the freeway exit to Jacksonville, Oregon.
  2. From Jacksonville continue west on Highway # 238 to Ruch, Oregon (approx 9 miles).
  3. Continue on HW # 238 to Applegate, Oregon (approx. 8 miles).
  4. Just before Applegate turn right on to North Applegate Road and go to the Missouri Flat Cemetery (on your left approx. 5 miles plus).
  5. Just past the cemetery, the North Applegate Road takes a sharp left turn. Instead of going left, go straight on to Kubli Road.
  6. Continue on Kubli for about 2 miles and turn right on to Missouri Flat Road.
  7. Drive to the end of the pavement under the wooden arches,
  8. Continue on the gravel and follow the signs to 1340 Missouri Flat, approximately 1/2 mile.
  9. Please disregard our neighbors no trespassing signs.

Note: You can access a printable version of the directions here: Directions to Jack’s Place.

See You There!

Highway Cleanup

A Call To Service

HighwayCleanupOur very own MKP Rogue Community needs your help!

On Sunday, July 27, at 7:30 am , join us for our next Highway Cleanup Event.  We meet at the Provolt store early to avoid the heat and before the traffic gets heavy.

We Are Out of Account

We as a group of committed men of integrity need to get back into account with our Provoltagreement to conduct four highway cleanups a year.

We had to cancel our last scheduled cleanup because a lack of participation. Let’s not let that happen again!

With enough people to share the load and with proper preparation, the highway clean up is fun, easy, and quick. The work can be done in 1 to 2 hours at a leisurely pace with a decent size crew.

Bending or Stooping?

Grabbers makes it easy!

Grabbers makes it easy!

Nope–no bending or stooping to pick up litter! Everyone gets an official grabber to pick up trash and plenty of trash bags to put it in.

No lugging around heavy trash bags either. When a bag gets full or too heavy, you just place on the side of the road for later pickup. It’s that easy.

If something doesn’t look safe to pick up, it’s simple, you don’t pick it up!

Invite Everyone

crowdEveryone is welcome to help.  Initiated Brothers and non-initiated, invite your spouse, friends, and family members to join us for fun and service to our community at the same time.

As MKP New Warriors, we are men of service. Serve your community and invite your brothers to do the same. Get on the phone and keep calling people until you have at least two additional men committed to help.

The more the merrier! The work is light and fun when lots of people show up. Everyone is invited who is old enough to be safe of the side of the road.

After past cleanups, we have all sometimes met for a Sunday brunch.

 What To Bring

  • Water that you can carry with you
  • A snack to keep your blood sugar up
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves

You Can’t Make It?

If you have a schedule conflict and cannot join this cleanup crew, then you can still be of service by promoting it to other men in your I-Group. Give each of them a call and while asking them to attend, commit to joining the next highway cleanup crew.

Would You Like to Sign Up or Need More Information?

Send an email to Aaron at: abl0831@hotmail.com


Drum Making Workshop

A Master Drum Maker

Grey Wolf pauses for a picture

Grey Wolf pauses for a picture while making a drum

Grey Wolf, “Clifford Latta”, master drum maker from Coquille, Oregon presented a 4 hour drum making workshop at Temenos Wild in the Greensprings outside of Ashland, Saturday, July 12.


Janet Bell bringing her spirit and joy to the workshop

The workshop was hosted by Janet Bell, who warmly welcomed each of us individually.

She smudged us one after the other and then called in the energies and spirits of the directions with a deep, heart-felt sincerity I have never seen done so well before.

She even called in the Shasta ancestors who for centuries inhabited the land we were standing on.

Voice in the Drum

After we had finished our drums, Janet read Grey Wolf’s poem, Voice in the Drum. The only way to do it justice is for you to hear it read or for you to read it yourself. If you wish to hear it you may listen to it here.

If you would like a printed copy of Grey Wolf’s poem, you may access it here: Voice in the Drum.

Four Rogues Plus One

Four of us from the Rogues I-Group, Jack Shipley, Bob Mente, Kevin Starnes, and me, Mark Teague attended the Drum Making Workshop.  We were enthusiastically joined by Kevin’s oldest son, Reef Starnes, who participated fully in the workshop and made his own drum too.

Met for Breakfast

The five of us, plus Kevin’s two younger boys, Ripp Kai and Wilder, met for a buffet breakfast at Hometown Buffet before our workshop. After a little community building at breakfast we were ready to go build our drums!

Off to Build Drums!

With some nervous excitement and anticipation we looked over our driving instructions, checked carpool arrangements, and left for our drum building adventure.  Soon after we began to build our drums, it would have been difficult to predict all five of us, and the others who joined us, would make beautiful 15″ cedar or pine drums with elk hide heads. But we did!

We were each given one of Grey Wolf’s “Fancy Dancer Beater Kits” so we could make our own drum beater at home after the workshop.

The Viking Drum Maker

Jack Shipley nearing completion of lacing

Jack Shipley showing us how to do it

Our own Jack Shipley distinguished himself early on as a drum making super-star. Grey Wolf even remarked he must have been a Viking drum maker in a former life.

I looked over at him several times as I built my own drum and saw him move beyond where I was with considerable skill and grace. Way to go Jack!

There were even a few spots in my own drum building where I consulted the Viking drum maker for advice. He always seemed know what he was doing and readily told me what to do to move beyond my confusion.

Jack later came to me and told me that he would like to organize another drum making workshop to give other men in the community an opportunity to build their own drums too. There’s one thing I know about Jack, when he sets his mind to doing something, it gets done.


Bob concentrates on his drum

Bob Mente

I won’t steal Bob’s thunder, so I’ll only say he had an amazing experience in the shower at Temenos Wild. I’ll let him tell you about it, if he wants to! I’ll just move onto his drum making experience.

Drawing on the inner foundation that makes Bob Bob, he found peace with his drum making skills and produced a fine drum that he was proud of. He told me he really enjoyed himself and was glad he did it.

Some of Bob’s Workshop Pictures

Kevin Starnes and the Starnes Boys

Kevin does it all and keeps his sunglasses handy!

Kevin does it all and keeps his sunglasses handy!

Kevin did an amazing job building his drum, helping Reef build his, and keeping track of his other two boys, Ripp Kai and Wilder.

Yes, his two younger boys were there too. Though his boys were wonderfully behaved, as usual, Kevin still had his hands full and he pulled it off without a hitch–at least none that I saw.

He even seemed to have his whole crew together with him when he left, but who knows? I didn’t stay around long enough to find out.


Reef Starnes


Reef gets the knack of lacing

Reef held his own with all the rest of us and he ended the workshop with a nice looking drum that he built with his own hands–a proud accomplishment for anyone, but even more so for someone so young.

During the workshop he asked intelligent questions and gave us all a few laughs along the way. Jack, the VIking drum builder, later told me how much he enjoyed having Kevin’s boys there with us. I had to agree with him.

Kevin told me later Reef had a real good time hanging out with the guys making drums.

Video of Grey Wolf Finishing a Drum

Check Out These Photos

Poet Bill Mawhinney

Touch Your Throat

a Poem by Bill Mawhinney

Though this may seem like a strange post title, and perhaps it is, it is the title of a moving poem by Bill Mawhinney. It has touched me deeply. I first read it at the recent MKP USA Northwest Area Elder Gathering of the Tribes held at Camp Collins near Gresham, Oregon.

We are fortunate that he is a regular attendee at our elder gatherings and we were again blessed to have Bill with us this year too. I always look forward to his inspired poetry readings.

He uses vivid imagery with strong sensual connections while evoking deep compassion in the reader. Read slowly over the first two lines of the featured poem to see what I mean:

You’re only one brief instant here,
A scarlet flash on an oriole’s wing.

Amazingly poignant and beautiful!

This year I was grateful to him as he read some of my favorites from his book, Songs in My Begging Bowl.

I was inspired to make a recording of one of them. You can listen to it, download an mp3 of it, or get a printed copy of it below.

Who is Bill Mawhinney?

The Resort at Port Ludlow, Washington

The Resort at Port Ludlow, Washington

Bill is an MKP Brother who is an active member of our MKP USA NW Area. He lives now in beautiful Port Ludlow, Washington on Puget Sound.

He was initiated in Arizona at Camp Whispering Pines on Mt. Lemmons, near Tucson, Arizon, in October 1993.

He has completed 23 staffings and is a certified Ritual Elder.

A Reading of Touch Your Throat

Bill was kind enough to give me permission to make audio recordings of his poetry as I wished and post them to our site. I offered to give him full attribution in return. In order to stay in integrity with that agreement, I offer:

Touch Your Throat copyright © 2002 by William Mawhinney. All rights reserved.

Also, the background music, Procession of the King, for the recording is being used with permission of Kevin MacLeod a creative musical genius with a big heart. The attribution he requested follows:

Procession of the King” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A heart-felt thank you to both Bill Mawhinney and Kevin MacLeod for their artistic contributions and generous sharing.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it. (It’s a short one, only about 3 minutes.)

Touch Your Throat

Download the MP3 File

To download an mp3 file of this recording, with most browsers you first right click on either of the links below. Then you select something like, Save link as . . . on the popup box that appears.

Next a dialog box appears giving you an opportunity to select where you would like to save the file on your computer. Do that and click on save.

If these instructions do not work for you, consult your browser’s documentation.

download-1 Touch Your Throat mp3 file

Printed Version:

Touch Your Throat

You’re only one brief instant here,
A scarlet flash on an oriole’s wing.
So shrug off the betrayals you’ve toted,
Drape them over this oak branch
Then toss yourself on the unknown way.

But don’t get in a sweat
Because you have no topo map.
Rather, stretch out beside the creek,
Doze on this late afternoon hillside
As a soft wind flows upslope,
Over rocks strewn in the water
Backlit by falling sun,

And realize you’re the enemy you must love
If you long to wander toward home.
Trust your secret cup carries
Stones enough for the crossroads cairns.

Stand up, finally. Stretch.
Oak branches scrimshawed
Against the ivory horizon
Die into dilute washes of pinkish gray
Splashed under lowering clouds.

Touch your throat, grasp your voice again,
Your words will flow toward the wordless,
Adding your breath to the inexpressible.

Take the first step before worrying
How much water ran past
In your reverie by the creek.
Set off now,
You’re only one brief instant here.

 You Can Download the Printed Version

If you would like to download a PDF file of the poem, you may left click on either link below and you will be able to view it. Also, you can then send it to your printer, or save it to your computer:

download-1 Touch Your Throat PDF File


What Does This Poem Mean To You?

Let us know what this poem means to you and how it affects your. Leave your comments below.

Do You Like Poetry On This Website?

Do you want more, less, or none. Let me know what you think? Leave a comment below.

Would like to submit some of your own poetry for possible publication on our site? If you would, you must certify that it is your own original work and that you own the copyright. Let me know about that too.


Changes to Our Website

What’s New

We have implemented two important changes to our Rogue Community website that you need to be aware of. One of them was planned from the beginning and the other became necessary because of bot attacks. (I’ll discuss bots later if you don’t know what they are.)

Initiated Members Only Section

The first change was in the initial blueprints of the site. We knewcustom_text_blue_print_12184 we wanted to have a website that was mostly open to the public, with some areas open only to initiated men of the Rogue Community.

We have now implemented a membership gateway. A membership gateway is a software checker that determines the appropriate access level for each user who logs into to our site.

Membership Levels

In theory there can be an infinite number of membership levels. In practice, at least for now, we have three membership levels for persons visiting MKPRogue.org.

The three membership levels:

  1. Level One – When a person is not logged in but is viewing the site.
    • He cannot post a comment or a reply on any page. (Must be logged in to do that.)
    • He can only access the public areas-no access to the members only area. (Since the gateway checks membership level during log in, the gateway can’t know if he’s initiated, so it assumes he is not.)
  2. Level Two – When a person is logged in, but his entry in the user database does not indicate that he is Initiated.  
    • He can post a comment or a reply on any page or article he can access–only public access. (The gateway determined he is not initiated during log in, so it prevents his access to the members only area.)
    • He cannot access the members only section.
  3. Level Three – When a person is logged in and whose entry in the user database does indicate that he is initiated.
    • He may of course post a comment or reply on any page or article on the website that has comments enabled.
    • He does have access to all of the pages and posts on the site, both the public and members only sections.

Possibility of Other Membership Options

multiple_signs_custom_13406Right now any man who is marked as initiated and who is logged in to our site may access everything on our site. But this may not be the case in the future. We may create some additional membership levels that could be used for a particular I-Group or any other constituency of our Rogue Community.

An example of this could be membership levels created that would allow each I-Group to have its own private place on the site to discuss work that men do in their group. I would like to open this up for discussion in our Community. Leave a comment below to tell us all what you think we should do, or not do.

I will propose the idea to the next Rogue Community Executive Council members.

Who Will Be or Has Been Given Access to the Members Only Section?

It will take a little bit of time to ensure that everyone who should have access gets it. I will single_red_question_mark_4859need your help on this. Let me know if you should be able to access the Members Only section on the menu and you are not able to do so.

Just to be clear you should get access to the Members Only area if you:

  • Have been initiated through a verifiable NWTA training.
  • Consider yourself to be a member of the Rogue Community, regardless of where you live.
  • Have some other reason acceptable to the Rogue Community Executive Council.

There are two basic criteria to get Members Only access:

  1. First you must be a registered user on our site. Registration alone would not be enough to gain access to the Members Only section, but it is an important first step. The gateway software requires a person to be registered first before it will consider checking the database for Members Only access.  Registration only allows a user to post a comment or a question, or a reply to someone else’s post.
  2. Second, you must have your membership level set to Initiated by one of the site administrators. This is the part that’s new. Each I-Group representative in the Rogue Community will know how to have that done.

stick_figure_grabbed_by_hook_8617The Changes to Our Site

  1. We now have a Members Only section of our site for Initiated men.
  2. We will no longer allow users to self-register for our site.

The Second Change To Our Site

The second change to our site came about because of a series of bot attacks. You don’t need to read what follows, unless you:

  • Don’t know what a bot is and want to know, or
  • You want to know why we no longer allow people to self-register for our site.

Questions, Questions, Everywhere:

What’s a Bot?

RobotMKPIn this context a bot, which is short for robot, is an automated computer program that runs 24/7 on the Internet whose sole purpose is to find blogs that allow self-registration, like ours did previously.

When it finds one, it registers a fictitious person as if that person where a real person who wants access to that site.

Then it waits for an opportunity to jump into action. It looks for a post that has a few keywords in it and it posts something like: That was a great comment you posted (usually in very poor, broken English).

Here’s an actual example, where the English wasn’t even as bad as some, “Your site offered us with valuable info to paintings on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community can be grateful to you.” 

The reference to paintings on is right from the comment that was left and I have no idea what the bot was trying to say. Thinking that could have been an innocent typo from one of our legitimate users, I traced the IP address to find out where it originated. Not surprising to me anymore, it originated from mainland China!

That wouldn’t be so bad, but I’ve been getting hundreds like it from China and other places.

Why Do They Do That?

There are many different reasons, but the one used most of the time, is to allow the

Figure looking at a question mark through magnifying glass

Click on this picture to see him in action

creator of the bot access to the membership of that site for commercial purposes. They are motivated by the prospect of selling you something.

Massive global greed has motivated millions of unscrupulous people to create and launch these pesky and sometimes malicious programs throughout the Internet.

How Do They Do That?

Robot running inside a gear

Click to see him work

Good question. After registering, the bot just lurks for a while watching the comments sent back and forth on the blog between real people.

Then when the bot sees something it was programmed to respond to, it will leave an innocuous looking comment.

The comment will usually have some relevance to the posted comment and will include a link to some kind of sales page, (often called rightly enough a squeeze page), where someone somewhere will try to sell you something you probably don’t want.

Is That So Bad?

Yes! With so many bots doing this, yes it’s bad! You have no idea of how much time I waste dealing with spam.

When only a handful of bots were running around, back in the good old days, it was not a big deal. Back then most of us didn’t mind the occasional spammer who would try to sell something.

But times have changed. Boy, have the changed!

What’s Different?

There are millions–hundreds of millions–of bots roaming the Internet right now as youstick_figure_wheel_barrow_gold_8611 read this. They are all looking for the same thing–gold mines. Gold mines, to a bot, are simply blogs that allow unrestricted registration as our site did up until recently.

When they find one they register for that blog and look for an opportunity to post a commercial comment. They are tireless and relentless.

With so many bots out there doing what they do without needing time off or raises, it is no wonder that a blog like ours can get overrun with spam.

When these fake users, the bots, post irrelevant comments and pester legitimate users with unwanted solicitations, the result is often a blog cave in under the weight of it all.

Then the very ones for whom the site was created lose interest and stop using it.

Why Haven’t You Seen These Bot Emails?

Because I spend so much time deleting them!

What Have We Done to Fix This

We have made many behind the scenes changes that will help keep this problem manageable. No, there is no way to stop it completely.

In the meantime we have made it so a person can’t self-register for our site. This won’t be a problem since those who have a legitimate reason to use the site will have been given log in credentials by one of the system administrators.

If you are a currently a registered user of this site and you lose or forget your password, you can still reset it yourself.

Just For You to Know, But Don’t Tell the Bots

all_ears_6950The ability for a new person to self-register will return to our site after I finish installing the next type of gateway software. It’s coming, it will take a little time. Please be patient. Until then each person who needs access can get registered through their I-Group representative.

And likewise as non-initiated brothers who are registered get initiated, we will also bump up their membership level so they can get appropriated access to the Members Only section.

Roaming Work Party

The First Work Party

Mike Patterson, Brett Dowell, and Walt Newman surveying the site

Mike Patterson, Brett Dowell, and Walt Newman surveying the site

After months of planning and meeting, the combined MKP USA Northwest Area communities of Southern Oregon, Rogue, and Mt. Shasta had their first Roaming NWTA weekend work party on Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1, 2014.

The two-day event was served well by 12 MKP brothers from the southern Oregon communities and one, Scott Shuey, who came down from the Portland community. Special kudos to Scott for coming so far to join us.

The Purpose

The purpose of this work party, (there are two more planned), was to help prepare the beautiful 400 acre Mt. Grove site for our area’s first Roaming Weekend. It is a requirement

Brian Hannagan zeros in on the solution.

Brian Hannagan zeros in on the solution.

for men who staff or MOS the Roaming weekend to offer 10 hours of service to the community.

Over the two day event 13 men showed up, rolled up their sleeves, and pitched in and got to work.

The men were joined both days by Susan Dowell, a member of the Mt. Grove Board of Directors. Susan provided endless support and guidance. She has been an active supporter of MKP for many years and is an active member of Woman Within. Thank you Susan for all your help and support.

Each man on the work party demonstrated in his own way how much good work a committed group of MKP brothers can accomplish in a short period of time.  It exceeded everyone’s expectations.  There’s even talk that the third work party may not be needed.

There was much to do, but 13 men showed up ready to work and made short work of it.

The men worked hard and laughed much. The comradery and community building was inspiring to witness.

Watch the Video We Made

We made a short video of the men at work. Check it out!:

Our apologies to the other four hard-working men who were not shown on the video, Mark Frueh, Brian Hannagan, Bobbie Townsend, and Robert Weber. There

Susan Dowell, Mt. Grove Board, and Brian Hannagan check the water lines

Susan Dowell, Mt. Grove Board, and Brian Hannagan survey the water lines

were simply too many men doing too many different jobs for the small video crew to capture it all.

The Work Crew

The men who participated in the work crew were:

  1. Charlie Bauer
  2. Casey Branham
  3. Mark Frueh
  4. Brian Hannagan
  5. Tom Nead
  6. Walt Newman
  7. Mike Patterson
  8. Dermot Rush
  9. Jack Shipley
  10. Scott Shuey
  11. Mark Teague
  12. Bobbie Townsend
  13. Robert Weber
Robert Weber holding things together

Robert Weber holding things together

More Work Parties Planned

Watch this website and the regular announcement email lists for further notice of future work parties.

Let Us Know What You Think

Let us know what’s on your mind. Leave a comment below and engage your brothers in discussion.

Check Out the Work Party Picture Gallery

Click on any picture to see it full size.

Welcome Home

Three New Warrior Brothers!

Check out the video we made of the celebration. Watch it full screen to get the full effect!

Our Heroes Returned

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, just four days after our new brothers returned from their New Warrior Training Adventure, we officially welcomed them home. The Rogue Community took point while being supported by the surrounding Southern Oregon/Ashland, and Mt. Shasta communities.

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Walt Newman, the MKP USA NW Area Administrator and NWTA Enrollment Coordinator.

The Opening

Mark Teague offered the elder blessing and Robert Weber read one of his original poems titled, The Next Life.

Robert’s Poem

NextLifeRobert stood before the group and read his deeply personal and moving poem, The Next Life. You can listen to a reading of it here: The Next Life. It is worth the two minutes it takes to listen to it. You may also access a printed copy of it here too: The Next Life.

The Next Life Audio


The Community Showed Up

The turn out was strong and supportive. We met in the beautiful Jacksonville Library andDSC_0032 moved up close and personal. The celebration was open to the public and they responded.  Over 30, men, women, and children offered their praises and honoring to our three new brothers, Jonathan Edmund, Chris Hjerrild, and Tom Sheets.

They Listened to the Stories the Men Told

It was a particularly warm group and the sharing was from the heart. One of women present said she really like the masculine energy in the room. Honoring and praises for the new brothers was abundant.

The Three Circles

FourQuadrantsKevin Starnes closed the formalities with a joining process called the three circles where he gently brought the new brothers first into their own circle, then the circle of warrior brothers, and finally the circle of the community.

The Close

Everyone gathered around for the close with smiles and hugs freely passed around.

The Next Man

If you would like to offer the New Warrior Training Adventure to someone you know, give them an application and have them call Walt Newman at 541.961.5179.

You can access an NWTA application for downloading and printing by clicking this link: NWTA Applicaiton.


June 2014 Elder Retreat

The Gathering of the Tribes

What’s Happening at the Gathering?

The Gathering of the Tribes is coming up on June 6-8 at Camp Collins (same place as last year). This gathering is open to all MKP Warrior Brothers and any men they want to invite. Here are some of the topics we will be exploring:

  • As you get older, what brings you joy?
  • What did you want from your grandfather that you did or didn’t get?
  • What is an elder, really?
  • Does one self-declare as an elder?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an elder?
  • Blessings? How about just appreciating and witnessing?
  • What is a Ritual Elder and how does one become a Ritual Elder?
  • What is a Community Elder and how does one become Community Elder?
  • Community Blessings for several men.
  • MKP Membership? What do you think about this whole topic?
  • 1 on 1 connection time (free time)
  • Your idea goes here:_____________

Program Outline

We have five major blocks of time:

  1. Friday evening
  2. Saturday morning
  3. Saturday afternoon
  4. Saturday evening
  5. Sunday morning

On Friday evening, we will be exploring what it means to be an elder. Hopefully this will be both fun and enlightening.

On Saturday, we will be doing lots of stuff including time to just connect with your brothers and hang out. We intend to have multiple break-outs. If you have a burning idea, let me know ASAP… but make sure you are registered first.

We will figure out Sunday as we get closer to the event, but it will be special and it will be magic.

Register Now!

At this point, the enrollment is very low. The time to register is now! We need to let the camp know how many men are going to show up. Here is the link to register:



Several weeks ago I made a mistake and managed to destroy the list of men who had already signed up for the Gathering of the Tribes. Since that time, 16 men have signed up. If you signed up and aren’t on the list below, please let me know quickly:

    • Ipswa Mescacakanis
    • Paul Kronst
    • Bob Jones
    • Paul Samuelson
    • Dan Groskopf
    • Tom Cowles
    • Les Busch
    • Wally Wharton
    • Jeff Jackson
    • Galen Fous
    • Robert Withers
    • Ervin Atchison
    • Alan Ackroyd
    • lyle Gagnon
    • Randall Franklin
    • Mark Teague
    • Walt Newman

Bob (Hallucinating Cave Bear) Jones
Chair for 2nd Annual Gathering of the Tribes, June 6-8, 2014
(360) 441-0784 [cell] (360) 756-2424 [home]


About Enneagrams

Enneagram01What’s Your Number?

If you’ve not heard of them yet, as you spend more time in MKP circles you’ll likely encounter enneagrams.  I first heard of the enneagram when someone asked, “What number are you on the enneagram?”

I had no clue

I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about but since he seemed to think it was important, I thought I should find out.  The first thing I did was to Google the word:

Results From Google

noun: enneagram; plural noun: enneagrams
  1. a nine-sided figure used in a particular system of analysis to represent the spectrum of possible personality types.

Okay so what does that mean?

Off to check Wikipedia. . .


WikiSince the Google definition of enneagram didn’t help very much, I then checked the Wikipedia page for more information. Check it out yourself:

Check Wikipedia with this link: Enneagram of Personality

Too many words for me. . .

While the definition left too much out, the Wikipedia page put too much in! I felt stick_figure_question_mark_7059overwhelmed, like my brain circuits were overloaded. It took me some time working with enneagrams for me to make sense of them. But even in the beginning I found some of the basic Wiki information helpful. You may also.

You Don’t Need To Know Much

You don’t need to know very much about ennegrams to get useful information about yourself and others with them. If this is all still too confusing, you can just skip down to What Number Are You? below or you can check out the video first.

You don’t need to follow the link the video mentions to discover your own number. We have a way for you to do that for free at the bottom of this post.

Check out the video and below then come back to discover your own enneagram number:

What Number Are You?

Do you want to discover your number?  We have a simple, free way for you to find out. Thanks to the Enneagram Institute, we have here on our website a way for you to know where you fall on the enneagram.


Before you do though, you should know we are not an affiliate for the Enneagram Institute.  We do not make any money by offering this and we believe this simple, free tool is all you need. They will try to sell you a scientifically proven version for $10.

You don’t need that one. This version will work fine.

Give it a try by clicking on this link: What Number Are You?

And don’t forget to submit it for scoring. You’ll find a submit button below the test. Have fun!

Let us know what your number is. Leave a comment below.

Apply to Staff or MOS the Southern Oregon NWTA

Time to apply to Staff or MOS the Roaming NWTA

DSC_0089Now is the time to apply to Staff or MOS the September 11-14, 2014 Roaming New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend! This weekend is the first in several years to be held in Southern Oregon.

It will be held at the Mountain Grove Center near Glendale Oregon. The Southern Oregon and Mt. Shasta California communities are taking point in hosting this training for the MKP USA Northwest Area.

Let’s rock the Weekend with a large turnout of Southern Oregon and Mt. Shasta men, both on Staff and on MOS! Why not apply as an I-Group together? Let’s fill the roster with our men! If you have never Staffed before, or never served on MOS, you are in for a powerful and wonderful experience. It is always amazing!

Apply Now!

To be considered for staff or MOS your application must be submitted no later than Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 12:59 PM .  Submit your application today!

Requirements to Staff or MOS

DSC_0197If you get your application in to us by the deadline above we will let you know if you have been selected or not after the selection committee has met.

If you are pre-selected by the selection committee, you will be sent the final application paperwork and additional information about the steps you must complete and the deadline you must meet for you to be finally accepted to staff or MOS.

Additional Service Requirement

There is an additional service requirement to staff or MOS this weekend.  You must participate in at least 10 hours of community service in support of the Southern Oregon, Rogue, and Mt. Shasta communities in putting on this training.

For men who live within 100 miles of Mt. Grove, there will be up to three work parties for men to volunteer to help prepare the site for the training.  Men who live within 100 miles of will be expected to participate.

There will be other possibilities for men who live farther than 100 miles away.  The important piece here is that it will be your responsibility to complete 10 hours of service too.  If you do not participate in site cleanup, then you will need to propose to the selection committee an alternative 10 hours service that is some way supports this training.  If they accept your proposal and you complete the service to their satisfaction, you will have met the service requirement.

Again all men who wish to be considered for staff or MOS must complete at least 10 hours of service in support of this training.

Again, you will be given all the additional information you will need to know about this weekend after you have been pre-selected.

What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

campingBefore you sign up however, it is important to know that this training will be somewhat “rougher” than most NWTA’s. Instead of your food being prepared for you, you will be required to bring all of your own ready-to-eat food.

We will have lots of discussions and suggestions to help you figure out what you can bring to eat.  You should bring an ice chest with your name on it to store your food. (Ice will be provided daily.) Drinking water will also be provided.

Instead of the fine sleeping accommodations you may be accustomed to at Camp Wa-pottyRi-Ki, you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping bag as well as a chair to use during staff meetings. Showers will be cold, though we are working to setup a solar shower.

Restroom accommodations won’t be exactly five star either, but they will be adequate!

This will be not be a Raw weekend, but it will be close to it. More than anything else it will be an amazing weekend. You won’t want to miss it.  It will be an adventure!

How to Sign Up!

CAAGo to the Staff/MOS Application to fill out the application, which will add you to the Staff Selection list.

You will be notified one way or another after the staff selection committee meets.

Need Help?

Give Walt Newman a call if you have any trouble with the link or if you have any questions.

541-961-5179; phoenixrising@peak.org


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