For Initiated Men Only

Welcome to Our New Members Only Section

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Our MKP Rogue Community website, has now been set up to include a Members Only portal. This portal, which you are now in, is a place that is restricted to initiated brothers only.

As you can see there is nothing special on this page yet, but in time it will be a rich source of information that is not intended for the general public.

For you to be able to see this page you had to meet three very strict criteria:

  1. First, you have to be registered for this website, (have log in credentials), and
  2. Second, you would have to have been verified as an initiated brother, and finally
  3. Third, you would have to have been set to Initiated in the system database.

Why All Three?

Registration First

First registration is necessary to help restrict the number of spammers on the site.  You would be surprised how many people and bots sign up for blogs, such as this one, for the sole purpose of engaging users of the site enough to sell them something.

For a complete discussion on this topic, see our blog post Changes to Our Website. I won’t repeat it here.

 Verification of Your Initiation

people_search_4255We verify your NWTA Initiation, and in some cases your participation in a Rogue Community I-Group.

We do this because some of the content that is being put up on this website requires NWTA initiation to be viewed and other content requires your participation in a Rogue community I-Group.

Sign In

Your eligibility for access to the Members Only section is determined immediately after you successfully log in. If you are not logged in, the membership software assumes you are not initiated.

Read All About It

custom_classifieds_12091Most of our content is open to public viewing and is freely available for that purpose. A user of our site can even get registered for it without being initiated.

This would be ideal for a non-initiated man who is attending I-Group in our community who wants to stay connected to us through our public news posts.

The advantage of being a registered user, whether a man is initiated or not, is that he would be able to comment on posts and articles, at least those that are in the public section.

What You Can Expect In the Future From the Member’s Only Section

The Member’s Only section will make some resources available to you that have not been available before. One of the reasons we have not included courses on this website has been that up until now, it has been completely open to the public.

By restricting this section to only initiated brothers, we will be able to include some courses on GUTS facilitation, and some staff training for NWTA’s, and facilitator training for PIT and other courses, that are not intended for non-initiated men.

Eventually, this Members Only section will an important part of our website for New Warrior Brothers in our community. A way that you can help it become that, is for you to post your ideas below regarding what you would like to see here.

The sky would ordinarily be the limit, but since through imagination, we are not constrained by the sky, let your ideas go wild and let us know what you want.

Post your comments and ideas below.

Click on the image to see the effect of voicing your ideas here

Click on the image to see the effect of voicing your ideas here